Hello and Welcome!

I am a Senior IOT Solutions Architect and Automation Engineer

I have over 17 years experience designing, building and supporting IOT Solutions and automation systems for various manufacturing and business systems. Over the last 10 years I have grown my experience integrating plant-floor control systems into higher-level business systems for supervisory control, business intelligence, historical data logging and enterprise resource planning.When days are short and the air crisp, I spend most of my free time skiing throughout Washington, Colorado and North America.  Once the shadows get shorter and the days longer I spend more of my discretionary time on one of my three bicycles, sailing the Puget Sound and volunteering weekly for Invest In Youth at Roxhill Elementary school in West Seattle.

Some of my Qualities

  • Teamwork Professionally tested. Field proven.
  • Tenacity Every detail. Every time. Regardless of scope.
  • Humility With self-awareness comes true success.